6×6 Project 2022 – Art Auction & Reception Program

June 25, 2022 | 5:30 – 8pm

Raue Center’s 6×6 PROJECT  fundraiser and online art auction/exhibition celebrates its fourth year of supporting arts with Art!  All proceeds benefit Raue Center’s fine arts education programs, Mission Imagination and Raue Center School For The Arts, which have been enriching the lives of over 20,000 kids a year in the local community since 2001.

Artists of all ages and abilities are invited to participate by creating original works of art, in a variety of mediums, on 6×6” canvases.  Since our inaugural event in 2019, 6×6 Project has raised over $45,000 for MI and RCSA with canvases coming from around the nation!

To Bid on a mini-masterpiece visit Auctria.com

Attention Bidders!

All artwork will be mailed to winning bidders within 5-7 business days of the auction’s closing.
Thank you for supporting Raue Center and its commitment to arts education in our community.

This event is supported by

6×6 2022 – Artist Listing

Adil Kapadia
Amelia Klein
Amy Grant
Amy McCarthy
Angela Burns
Anna Wakitsch
Annabella Palmer
Annette Burns
Ashleigh Schmiedekamp
Avery Melhuish
Axel Vonau
Brianna Freund
Brittney Stec
Cadence Wioch
Callie Koch
Catherine Johnson
Cathy Nisbet
Chloe Kaludis
Chloe Sears
Christie Wioch
Claudia Levin
Colleen Tobin
Cooper Woodka
Coralie Parnell
DC Langer
Dean Grove
Debbi Cleary
Declan Schultz
Dennis Grigsby
Dominic Messina
Donald Korus
Douglas Colthurst
Emma Fisher
Evangeline Montano
Evelyn Rose Lanning
Gabriella Dolecki
Gale Trausch
Gianna Carzoli
Gina Montano
Hahns Pickett
Hailey Woodka
Harper Knight
Heather Azzarello
Hollie Haas
Holly Devine
Jamie Mohapp
Jane Mohapp
Jennifer Kruse
Jessica Rich
Jillyann Frederick
Jim Clouse
John Burns
Jora Johannsen
Jordan Frederick
Joy Frederick
Jozy Wasilowski
Judith Arvidson
Judy Fergen
June Armbruster
Karly Klein
Kate Wasilowski
Katherine Majko
Kathleen Canterbury
Katie Woodka
Keegan Carson
Ken Balmes
Kendall Rozumny
Kloe Haas
Kris Rogers
Kristen Nolan
Kristin Bode
Kristin Hartz
Kumar Javvaji
Landon Montanye
Larry Golden
Laura Otoleva
Lauryn Fisher
Leah Fisher
Leah McQuire
Lee Burns
Lily Nomikoudis
Lisa Messina
Lydia Burns
Lyla Montano
Maggie Reckamp
Mark Shoup
Marla Gomberg
Mary Fisher
Mary Leight
Marybeth Reckamp
MaryBeth Mullen
Miabella Carzoli
Michael Fisher
Michele Knight
Michelle Nowland
Nancy Steffen
Nicole Parkins
Nicole Javvaji
Nicole Solome
Noreen Floden
Paige Montanye
Pat Dieckhoff
Patti Thobe
Patty Bell
Paul Krauss
Piper Azzarello
Rachel Nowland
Ravelle Eddie
Rebecca Nomikoudis
Reese Connor
Regina Roland
Renee Brainerd
Rita Mishler
Robert Rivera
Robin Hall
Rukaiya Kapadia
Russel King
Sam Johnson
Sandy Giordano
Sara Garcia
Scott Meyer
Skyla Dieckhoff
Sondra Blankenburg
Sophia McCarthy
Steve Frederick
Steve Szalaj
Sue Mazur
Susan Clancy
Sydney Carson
Teri Johnson
Tess Michehl
Tessa Melhuish
Thomas Trausch
Tim Paul
William Rowe
William Carey


Proceeds from 6×6 Project benefit Raue Center and its education programs

Special thanks to our partners


Tim Paul, board president

John Jacobsen, vice president

Chuck Stevens, treasurer

Luanne Flavin, secretary

John Green
Mike Johnson
Richard Kuranda
Stacey McInerney
Jack Minsley
Rich Naponelli
Michelle Nowland

Sandra Pierce
Williams Schmiel
Regan Shepley
Steven Szalaj
Jerry Trachsler


Richard Kuranda, executive director/founding artistic director (CEO)

Kyle Schneider, producing & operations manager

Jarrod Bainter, director of production

Meredith Schaefer, director of marketing & institutional advancement

Michele V. Knight, marketing manager

James Knight, economic development manager

Billy Seger, institutional advancement associate

Maribeth Ling, institutional advancement assistant/box office lead

Alayna DeVar, education coordinator/lead instructor

Jess Urban, RCSA education coordinator & producer/WSRep equity stage manager**

Caro Arana, assistant director of production

Commedore Clark, audio supervisor/ production coordinator

Savannah Thomas, box office associate

About 6×6 Project

About Raue Center For The Arts

Raue Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of all through the arts. For 20 years, they have provided quality programming – striving to make it pertinent, available, and affordable to all. As a painstakingly restored, 1920s regional showcase theatre named for its benefactor—Lucile Raue—Raue Center has attracted the finest stars, Broadway shows, musicians and artists. Named on the League of Historic American Theatres, Raue Center is one of the finest examples of restored art and decor in the nation. The 750-seat theatre, located in historic downtown Crystal Lake, Illinois, is a gathering place for our region’s citizens and has become a true destination. 

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