Home Music Shining Star shines its light in tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Shining Star shines its light in tribute to Earth, Wind, and Fire.

Shining Star pays tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire at Raue Center on March 9, 2019.

Experience a celebration of the four decade strong success, popularity and resilience of one of the most successful musical stories ever told with Shining Star: A Tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire at Raue Center For The Arts on March 9, 2019!

The music of Earth, Wind & Fire is timeless, and fans around the world constantly crave the opportunity to hear their songs performed live. Shining Star now fills that void as ten talented vocalists and musicians harmoniously join forces to present a tribute to Earth, Wind & Fire.

McHenry County Arts spoke with CEO and creator Al Bullitt about his brainchild leading up to this amazing recreation of the group’s iconic music and live show at Raue Center on March 9!

Can you share the history of Shining Star and how the tribute was formed?
I commissioned these talented musicians to collectively form Shining Star in 2013.

Can you tell us about the lineup of Shining Star?
Shining Star’s live show consists of two lead vocalists, a lead guitarist, a bass guitarist, two keyboardists, percussion, drums and a three-piece horn section.

What is it that sets Shining Star apart from other tributes to Earth, Wind & Fire?

I decided to represent Earth, Wind & Fire from the era that I was most influenced by, the 1970s. Shining Star recreates this era with the costumes, the choreography, the glamour, the showmanship, the horns and more.

How did you decide which Earth, Wind & Fire songs to include in the show?
Shining Star plays the greatest and most popular hits from Earth, Wind, & Fire. And, for the purist fans, a few obscure songs.

What can the audience expect from Shining Star’s upcoming show at Raue Center?
Shining Star’s mission is to produce the most energetic, exciting, fun-filled trip down memory lane. We will play the music of your life! So, please BE READY TO PARTY!

Audiences will leave this musical and visual extravaganza feeling as though they have been entertained by the most well-known R&B pop band of all time… Earth, Wind & Fire! Tickets start at $28. For more information, visit rauecenter.org.