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Arts + Community: Stated Success in Music

All-State Band, Orchestra and Chorus at the performance in the Peoria Civic Center, January 29, 2019

February 8, 2019

Submitted by Steven Szalaj

What is a way measure of success in a school music program?  Some ways might include the number of students enrolled or the frequency and quality of the concerts, as well as the repertoire performed. Another might be the service student musicians give providing music throughout the community.  Perhaps success is shown by taking the ensembles on a concert tour or trip to a competition. But these are “whole-group” activities; what about the individuals that make up the ensembles? How can their individual success be measured?

All-State Chorus members on the Peoria Civic Center Jumbotron, January 29, 2019

Each year during the last week of January (this year, January 23 – 26), the Illinois Music Educators Association (IMEA) sponsors the Illinois Music Educators Conference (IMEC), commonly call “All-State.”  This four-day conference in Peoria serves music teachers and students from all over Illinois. For students, the event includes participation in All-State Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Jazz Band. Over the time of the conference, the musicians have many rehearsals with a nationally recognized guest conductor, and perform the repertoire learned on two concerts, The All-State Concert, and the Honors Concert.  Participating in this festival can be life-changing.

Student musicians must audition in early October to be a part of an All-State ensemble or All-State Honors ensemble.  The auditions include performing excerpts from previously announced audition repertoire, sight reading new music and various technical demonstrations specific to the instrument.  Singers must perform the audition without accompaniment, singing chords, scales, repertoire excerpts and sight reading. Many musicians from each school audition, only a few from each school are accepted.  Those who have a successful the audition participate in the District IMEA Festivals in November. From the students in the district festivals, only a handful are given the honor to participate in the All-State ensembles.

Needless to say, any students that are selected for District and All-State have worked hard for a long time. Most have studied their instrument or voice privately.  Their achievement is on a par with student-athletes who receive state-wide recognition. The students listed here are among those selected from this area to participate in IMEA District festivals and the IMEC ensembles.  They deserve recognition for their musical achievement!

SEVENTY-FIVE District Festival student-musicians are listed first under their school name.  Those listed next, in boldface, are among the TWENTY-ONE from our schools who participated in IMEC All-State in Peoria, January 23 – 29.

Cary-Grove HS:

Miles Magnini – District VII Orchestra, bassoon

Kayla Bivin – District VII Band, clarinet

Emma Ambrosia – District VII Chorus

Spencer Bethers – District VII Chorus

Lauren Henriques – District VII Chorus

Miles Magnini – District VII Jazz Band 1, Bari Sax

Riley Nicholas – District VII Jazz Combo, Guitar

Miles Magnini – IMEC All-State Honors Orchestra, bassoon

CLCHS District VII Band:
Max Kanellopoulos, Colin Heffernan, Joshua Moore, Acacia Steenberg, Elizabeth Pierzina

Crystal Lake Central HS

Elizabeth Pierzina – District VII Band, flute

Acacia Steenberg – District VII Band, horn

Colin Heffernan – District VII Band, trombone

Joshua Moore – District VII Band, tuba

Max Kanellopoulos – District VII Jazz Band, trombone

CLCHS District VII Chorus:
Sarah Anderson, Willem Bracher, Eden Irwin, Jackson Pierzina, Ketan Richard, Alyssa St. John, Izzy Soden, Quinn Welder, Matt Wrbanek

Sarah Anderson – District VII Chorus

Willem Bracher – District VII Chorus

Eden Irwin – District VII Chorus

Jackson Pierzina – District VII Chorus

Ketan Richard – District VII Chorus

Alyssa St. John – District VII Chorus

Izzy Soden – District VII Chorus

Quinn Welder – District VII Chorus

Matt Wrbanek – District VII Chorus

CLCHS All-State Performers:
Willem Bracher, Eden Irwin, Jackson Pierzina, Ketan Richard, Alyssa St. John, Quinn Welder, Matt Wrbanek, Acacia Steenberg

Willem Bracher – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus

Eden Irwin- IMEC All-State Honors Chorus

Jackson Pierzina – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus

Ketan Richard – IMEC All-State Chorus

Alyssa St. John – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus

Quinn Welder – IMEC All-State Chorus

Matt Wrbanek – IMEC All-State Chorus

Acacia Steenberg, FIRST CHAIR, IMEC All-State Honors Band, french horn

Huntley HS

Sam Moore – District VII Chorus

Nick Chung – District VII Chorus

Hayley Robbins – District VII Chorus

Sam Moore – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus

Johnsburg HS District VII Performers:
Trevor Santiago, Rebecca Robertson , Todd Schneider

Johnsburg HS

Todd Schneider – District VII Chorus, Bass 2

Rebecca Robertson – District VII Chorus, Alto 1

Trevor Santiago – District VII Band, alto saxophone (Also selected for Choir, Tenor 1)

Marengo HS

Daniel Solis – District VII Honors Band

Ethan Barkman – District VII Chorus

Marian Central Catholic HS

Gabrielle McKenna – District VII Band

Mallory Hill – District  VII Chorus

Hannah Paulson – District  VII Chorus

Morgan Piwonka – District  VII Chorus 

McHenry HS

Victor Thennes – District VII Band, percussion

Billy Thorne – District VII Band, french horn

Jocelyn Reyes – District VII Band, clarinet

Kira Crippen – District VII Band, clarinet

Dan Besana – District VII Band, bassoon

Eliza Koch – District VII Band, flute

Billy Thorne – District VII Jazz Band II, trumpet

Ben Zarnstorff –  District VII Jazz Band I, bass

Dan Besana – IMEC All-State Honors Band, bassoon

Prairie Ridge All State Band and Orchestra: Josh Zakoian, Ryan Sindberg

Prairie Ridge HS

Sammi Carr –  District VII Band, flute

Halie Collins – District VII Band, clarinet

Josh Scherrer – District VII Band, clarinet

Josh Zakoian – District VII Band, euphonium

Logan Dooley – District VII Orchestra, bassoon

Ryan Sindberg – District VII Orchestra, french horn

Camron Greetham – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Nina Gregory – District VII Chorus, Soprano I

Adam Jensen – District VII Chorus, Tenor II

Amber Johnson – District VII Chorus, Alto II

Emily Kouzios – District VII Chorus, Soprano I

Ally Krizka – District VII Chorus, Alto II

Daisy Kucharski – District VII Chorus, Alto I

Adya Kumar – District VII Chorus, Soprano II

Heidi Lee – District VII Chorus, Soprano I

Chase Lotito – District VII Chorus, Bass II

KC Osude – District VII Chorus, Bass II

Brian Pils – District VII Chorus, Bass II

Ross Relic – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Matt Savas – District VII Chorus, Tenor I

Note:  Sylvia Hensley (Alto I) was also selected to the choir but couldn’t participate due to college auditions; Josh Zakoian (Tenor I) qualified for both choir and band, and elected to participate in the band.

Josh Zakoian – IMEC All-State Band, euphonium 

Ryan Sindberg – IMEC All-State Orchestra, french horn

Emily Kouzios – IMEC All-State Chorus, Soprano I

Ally Krizka – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Alto I

KC Osude – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Bass II

WHS & WNHS All-State Chorus Dan Cosgray (Woodstock North HS) Tom Spukas, Max Lisowski, Ashlyn Drach, Maggie Griffin (Woodstock HS)

Woodstock HS

Chris Crenshaw – District VII Chorus, Bass II

Tom Spukas – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Logan Lockwood – District VII Chorus, Tenor II

Max Lisowski – District VII Chorus, Tenor II

Maggie Griffin – District VII Chorus, Alto II

Ashlynn Drach – District VII Chorus, Soprano I)

Elisha Gallosa – District VII Honor Band, clarinet

Tom Spukas – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Bass I

Max Lisowski – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Tenor II

Maggie Griffin – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Alto II

Ashlynn Drach – IMEC All-State Honors Chorus, Soprano I

Woodstock HS District Chorus:
Chris Crenshaw, Tom Spukas, Logan Lockwood, Max Lisowski, Maggie Griffin, Ashlynn Drach, Elisha Gallosa
WNHS District VII Chorus Woodstock North District VII Chorus: Matt Blalock, Jared Ritter, Dan Cosgray, Dylan Duncan

Woodstock North HS:

Seth Lagerstrom – District VII Band, trombone

Liam Meal – District VII Band, piano

Autumn Fitch – District VII Orchestra, violin

Matt Blalock – District VII Chorus, Tenor II

Dan Cosgray – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Dylan Duncan – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Jared Ritter – District VII Chorus, Bass I

Dan Cosgray, IMEC All-State Chorus, Bass I