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Villanelle on an End


There is, at times, a thrill that comes
in bringing ’bout an end to things
although it leaves us feeling numb

& when we’re sated well with rum,
or whiskey, vodka punch, or gin
there is a thrill that comes

at looking in a window some
town over when we’re full of drink
(although it leaves us feeling numb):

sometimes I want somewhere
to run that’s full of family, love, and sinks-
this is at times a dream that comes;

but mostly, it’d just end our fun,
to move & stay with all our things,
although they leave us feeling numb.

So should we tally up our sums
& pass our ways, we’ve rememb’rings
that there’s at times a thrill that comes,
although it left us feeling numb.

-P.C. Denofrio